Monday, August 17, 2009

Crazy Busy

It's been crazy busy around here lately. Joel has been hard at work tearing up our yard. Just kidding, it was already pretty tore up from getting hooked up to city sewer and water. He's just tearing it up again so he can plant grass in the coming days. A neighbor down the street saw him hard at work manually tilling the yard and stopped and offered his tractor. What took Joel all week to do, he did in 15 minutes. We have the nicest neighbors around here. Of course, as a thank you, Manny gave him a bite in his leg. That's right, Manny, who has never bitten anyone, bit the one guy that was helping us out. We had the sheriff out at our house and Manny is now quartatined for 10 days. He's not allowed around other people or animals for the next 10 days.
I know that sounds like it was really, really bad bite, but not really. It's a pretty long story and a little boring.
The boys are doing good. Deacon is getting better and better at walking and is now trying to run. He loves playing ball so I think I'm going to have yet another athlete on my hands. He's also starting to say a few words. Book and ball are the only two I've made out so far and of course mama and dada.
Tyler is his usual funny self. We traveled to Illinois last weekend. While there, we were desperatly trying to get Deke to take a nap so we drove past my Aunt's and Uncle's house and went up towards Starved Rock State Park, hoping the drive would get Deke to go to sleep. Tyler was not happy about this arrangement. The darn kid remembered that that house was their's and that that was where we were supposed to go. He really wanted to see Auny Polly and Uncle Johnny. (I think its because Uncle Johnny has a huge garage with all kinds of cool vehicles, dump trucks, etc..) So, he pipes up from the back with a threat, yes a threat. If you don't turn this vehicle around, I'm going to cry. Excuse me, you're going to cry if we don't turn around. Since when has crying ever worked for him. I'm not at all sure why he thought it would work this time. I guess he realized it wouldn't work because he never started crying. Crazy kid. We've really been working with him on his listening skills. I hate repeating myself over and over again and so Joel and I talked with him about this and asked him how many times he thought we should have to repeat ourselves. Eleven times was his answer. I told him we'd go two times and if he didn't listen after the second time, it was time out. Now, he waits till we told him the second time before he snaps to it. I think I'm going to have to change it to once. The little stinker.