Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Bad Blogger

Ty got some ice cream on Sat. I'm not sure how much he actually ate since it seemed like most of it ended up on his face.

Just some cute pictures of "my boys". Deacon is thumb sucker and I had to take a shot of him with his thumb in his mouth.

Life has gotten so busy that I don't have time to really blog. Here are a few things that have happened in the past week.
We had a Culver's Fundraiser last Tuesday. It went pretty well and Tyler was super excited about helping. I wasn't as excited about this and neither do I think were the people that were lucky enough to have Ty "help". Having toddler fingers in your food isn't that appealing. Just kidding, I managed to keep his hands out of the food, but it wasn't always easy. He was really cute and most of the people really seemed to like him helping. Tyler was the only one that was really thrilled about the hat. I had to threaten the teens into wearing it and I felt like a dork. Especially when I was the only one there at 5:00 to start it off and they made me wear the dorky looking hat. Notice I don't have a picture of me in that hat.

On Saturday, we took Tyler to get his haircut and then we got him a flu shot. He is such a brave little boy and he took it pretty well. Hardly any tears. I was impressed. We then took him to a book fair that was going on at the Sr. High. He got his face painted and he got to meet a policeman who gave him a tattoo badge. It was pretty exciting stuff. Then Deke woke up and I had to go feed him and Joel took Ty to watch the puppets. Apparently he was quite the character at the puppet show. Joel said that he went up and touched the hippo on the nose which made all the other kids want to do the same thing. The people handled it really well and let Tyler put on his own puppet show as well. I wished I could have seen it, but Joel took some pictures of our little puppeteer.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The Zoo (or Shoe as Ty calls it)

Joel had yesterday off from work and so he took both Ty and Deke to Monday morning playgroup where they had a lot of fun playing with some other kiddos. He then dropped Deke off at daycare and took Ty to the zoo. Tyler was so excited about going. It was all he talked about all weekend and whenever we would get in the car, he would ask if we were going to the zoo. He says shoe though so it was a little hard to understand him at first. They had a really good time. They are so blessed to have such an awesome Daddy!

Friday, November 7, 2008

Friday night

I was supposed to go to Lacrosse to see CityPrayz with the youth group tonight. However, I lucked out...Only Derek and Matt were going to go and we decided to go to Perkins first to eat. Perkins took too long and we ended up missing CityPrayz. Instead we went back to the church and rocked out to RockBand. I had so much fun! Tyler enjoyed dancing to the music and Deke pretty much slept most of the time. When he did wake up Gigi took him and played with him.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Happy Halloween

Jakob and Tyler got into the dog kennel at the Sauke's

Halloween was so much fun this year. We went as a band of pirates. Do you like my beard? I made it with vaseline and coffee grounds. Jakob came over and trick or treating with us. They both cleaned up with candy. Tyler had no problem going up and ringing the doorbells and saying trick or treat. He also didn't have a problem taking more candy than he should have. They would lower the bowl down and he was grabbing as much as he could. Jakob was the well-behaved one who would only take one unless they said he could have more. Sometimes Jakob was a little shy and didn't want to go up to the door, but then Ty would take some to him. It was really cute. There was one house that Jakob didn't want to go up to and John was trying to get him to go up to the door and get some candy and Jakob said "Maybe Tyler can get some for me." That Jakob is too cute. I really enjoy watching those two play together. They have so much fun! I hope Deke and David are as close.

By the way Jenna, when we went by your house, Tyler kept asking for Kaia.