Saturday, November 12, 2011

Fighters Unite


This is one well-dressed Wolverine.  I love that Ethan put the tie on to complete his look.
Very intently watching the Packers play.

A while back we had Ethan over for a playdate.  Those three boys have a ton of fun.  It's been a busy week this week.  Ty is finally swimming. I was shocked to see how well he is doing.  No life jackets, no noodle, no help from his teacher.  It's pretty exciting to know that next summer, when I take him to the pool, he'll be able to go down that slide.  He's really looking forward to that. Deacon is is swim lessons as well and doing ver well. Of course, he's not swimming on his own yet, but that will come.  Ty is also doing very well in school.  His teacher told me that he's doing really well with the reading portion of the lessons.  Yay!  I cannot wait for him to learn to read.  He's anxious to learn as well and practices on the "books" that they send home.  He'll then want to read the words he knows when we read him stories before bed.  
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Sunday, November 6, 2011


The gang!  We went to a benefit for a friend's mother this two weekends ago.  We all went as flappers and gangsters.  What a great time and what incredible friends Joel and I have been blessed with. 

The boys had a blast with Kaia and Halle and I am going to frame that picture of all four of them.  Hopefully when they are all older we can get another shot just like that.  :)

All photos are courtesy of Jenna Loos.  Sorry Jenna, I totally lifted these off your blog.  Thanks for taking such great pictures.



The whole Kelner family gets into the action for Halloween.  We have so much fun with it!  The boys had a blast trick or treating and they brought up quite the load.  We have enough candy to last us till next Halloween.  I keep sneaking some of it off to work so we can try to get rid of it. 
 This past weekend I went to Hearts at Home in Rochester.  I had a great time with some really good friends and learned a ton of things that I hope I can apply in my day to day life.  It makes me miss my own family down in Texas a ton.  Can hardly wait till March when we get to see them all again.
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