Monday, August 30, 2010

Weekend Fun

Kaia and Halle are two of the most beautiful girls. My boys had so much fun playing with them. Kaia had the best dress-up clothes ever. I wished they made them for big girls :) Tyler even put on the pochantas dress and wore that around on Sunday morning.

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The boys

Jakob and Tyler had a blast playing together at the Loos' this weekend. Here they are playing Bocce ball. This weekend Jakob also learned how to bike without training wheels. They had a lot of fun riding their bikes after that.
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Thursday, August 26, 2010


Tyler and I met up with the Bradbergs to watch the fireworks Sunday night. Thankfully I learned my lesson from last year when I took Ty and remembered to bring the earmuffs Joel uses when he mows the lawn. I wished I would have remembered to let the Bradberg's in on that secret. Poor Heather had to hold her hands over Connor's ears almost the whole time, which is what I did last year with Tyler. We're really close so it is super loud. Ty loved it though and hopefully next year, I'll be able to bring Deke as well.
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Ty is ready for big boy bike!

He's riding without training wheels! What a big boy! He just decided this afternoon that he was ready and it did not take long at all. He still has trouble on turns, but with practice he'll get better at that! He gave me quite the workout. I'd run beside him in case he fell. The crazy thing was he would be doing great and then get scared and want me to catch him. Whew, after about 30-45 minutes of running up and down the road, I was wiped. Check out the video below.
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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Goodview Days Parade

What a hot day! We met up with the Bradbergs to watch the annual Goodview Days parade. We were hoping to be able to meet up with the Yearous clan as well, but it just didn't work out. They managed to snag a spot near the begining of the parade route and we were at the end of the route. I wonder if we will ever see the end of a parade. These things are so long! It started at 1:00pm and we left at 3:00 pm and it was still not done. The boys had just had it and all three were ready to go home and dig into the candy. Deke fell asleep in my arms on the way back to the van. He was so conked out that he didn't wake up at all when I strapped him into his carseat.
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Hiking at Beaver Creek State Park

Taking a break.
What is it about boys and throwing rocks into the stream? They could have done this all day.

Yummy, ice cream! What a way to end a hot hike!

Chocolate on a hot day. Not such a good idea. Thank God we had wipes.

We took the boys for a hike again in Beaver Creek. It really is a pretty spot and we were scooping out the camping areas this time to see if we wanted to camp here. Campsites are a little close, but there are so many areas to hike in this park and it's all so beautiful here that I'm willing to be a little close to the other campers. It was really a little to hot to hike that day, but we all survived it. There were a few tears from Deacon. The poor kid just can't take the heat and he had a very short nap so he was tired to boot. Ty also seemed to be a little drained by the heat. He normally never complains about being tired on a hike, but this one he did. Although every time I asked him if he wanted to turn back, both him and Deke would say no pretty adamantly. I am so glad that they love to hike and camp.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Camping in the Dells

We camped in the Dells this past weekend. The mosquitos were horrendous. I've never seen them so bad and they were immune to the Off and the citronella candles we had burning. I tried to take go for a little nature walk down one of the trails. I think we made it 300 ft before we were attacked. I know Ty had about 10 of them on his neck. Once I got those off, we hightailed it out of there. Poor Destiny swells up like a balloon when she gets bit and she got bit three times on her little forehead. The camper in the picture is the "new" one that the Sellecks were kind enough to give us. We LOVE it!
This campground had so many fun things to do. They had these really cool looking pedal bikes. There was a four-seater one that we got to take the kids around on. It looked way cool and going down hill was a breeze, but trying to pedal that thing uphill was next to impossible. Joel would get out and push us up. They also had this train thing that came around that the kids could ride on and the everybody was super nice. It it weren't for the mosquitos it would have been perfect.

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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Happy Birthday, Destiny!

My neice's birthday was today. We met my brother,his wife, and Destiny in the Dells for a day of fun. We went to Riverview Water park and we really enjoyed it. All the kids loved it. We even took Deke down some of the bigger slides that he could ride double on and he loved it as well. He would cover his eyes, but other than that he would have a big grin on his face while he went down the slide. We got told twice by two different people that we have one brave 2 year old. Ty was pretty fearless too. I lost count of how many times we went up and down the waterslides. Fortunately, the lines were not long at all.
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