Sunday, November 28, 2010

Kinect Adventures

Joel and I bought the Kinect Friday night and have had a blast with it. For those who don't know, Kinect is a video game (yes, shocking!), but it is one that reads your movements, so there is no laying around on the couch just giving your thumbs a workout. You have to use your whole body to control the game and let me tell you it is quite the workout. My legs are sore today from all the jumping and lunging I did yesterday. The other cool feature is that it takes photos of you during the game that you can access later. These are some of the photos that it took. Tyler can actually play the games pretty well too. He gets a little excited in his jumping, (don't know where he gets that from :).
Last week, we had parent teacher conferences with the boys' teachers. Pleased to say that they both had excellent reports. Ty's teacher told us that he is a really good friend. She can pair him with anyone and know that it will go well because he has such a talent for being friends. All the other kids in his class enjoy him and want to play with him whereas with some of the other kids there are fights or hurt feelings. Joel and I have also noticed this with Ty. He makes friends so easily. Deke's teacher told us that he has such a sense of humor. Some of the things he says or the way he'll look at you. He is quite the cut-up. Both kids are awesome and it's always nice to hear another person see some of the same things that we've seen in our kids.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Reading and playing at Poppy and Grammy's

Ty likes to give Deke pony rides. :)
Ty was super excited to get to see the grandparents. We left at 3 in the morning on Saturday and he was so excited that neither Deke nor him went back to sleep until around 5:30. When we were driving through Dallas, he kept questioning on us on whether we were going in the right direction. It took us a longer than we anticipated because both boys got sick in Kansas. Can't say I blame them. :) We hit every rest stop on the Kansas turnpike because Deke had to go to the bathroom several times. Not a fun experience. I ended up in the backseat between the two of them, rubbing Ty's belly because it was hurting and rubbing Deke's belly as well. Not sure if he was hurting, but with the way he was going to the bathroom, my guess would be yes. Both Joel and I were thinking about calling it a day around there because we were making such slow progress and with both boys not feeling well, we were thinking that it might be best. Fortunately they both fell asleep and when they woke up three hours later, they both felt much better. When we arrived at my parents, Ty had them reading to him until very late in the night. They both had so much fun with both sets of grandparents.
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Fishing with Papa

Ty loves to go fishing and his Papa has taken him the last two trips we've been down. This time it was just to the pond in the backyard, but Ty could not have been more excited. Deacon did catch a mud cat the first evening and Papa took Ty the next day and Tyler also caught a mud cat. They threw back as neither was that big.

Had a date day with Joel yesterday. We went to see the new Harry Potter and it was awesome, then we went to Rochester for some shopping. I do have to say I have the most awesome husband. He walked with me from store to store and then sat around the dressing rooms while I tried on dress after dress. He must have been so bored, but he never showed it. We then met up with Heather and some other friends at Zaza's. What a great date night. The boys seemed to have a blast with Ashley, their babysitter. Ty's been talking about her all morning and seemed very impressed that she knew how to play to the mousetrap game.
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Still partying

We all had a blast at the reception!
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Party Time!

Ty and Deke are party animals. They love to dance! The flower girls and my two boys were tearing it up on the dance floor. We stayed and partied until 9:30 which is when Deacon started to get grumpy, but Tyler did not want to leave. That boy danced from the time the reception started at 4:30 until we left at 9:30. It was super cute and he had so much fun. I don't think either one of them can wait until we go to Aunt Melly's wedding!

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Congratulations to Meghan and George

Meghan being walked down the aisle by her brother

This church was so beautiful. My sis-in-law, Melanie got some awesome pictures that I hope she shares with me soon. These were the best I could do. It was a beautiful ceremony and we are all wishing them the best.
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Wedding Day

Papa and Ty getting out some pre-wedding jitters and preparing for the festivties later.
Deke was not happy to be all dressed up.
Getting ready to walk down the aisle. Are they not the cutest?
Walking down the aisle.
They did such an awesome job. I was really worried about Deacon being able to do it, but he did and he did awesome! He was throwing such a fit right before the wedding. The wedding took place at 2 and he had fallen asleep in the car ride there. We let him sleep as long as we could, but eventually we had to wake him and he was GRUMPY! He didn't want anybody to talk to him or look at him and he just cried and cried and I thought for sure he would not be walking down that aisle. But he snapped out of it, minutes before it was time. He really wanted to walk down that aisle! And when I suggested he not do it, he really got upset. Both boys were super cute and did a great job.
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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Halloween Pictures

It's been awhile since I've blogged. We've been very busy here and we will continue to be very busy over the next few weeks. On Saturday, we take the 18 hour trip to Texas where the boys will be in Uncle George's wedding. I'll have a ton to blog about after that trip! The boys really enjoyed Halloween and raked in the candy. I took half of what they got to work. There is just no way they are going to go through all of it, although they would love to try.
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