Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Bathroom is done

The bathroom remodel is complete.  I love it!  Joel did such an awesome job.  We (I mean Joel) removed all the ugly teal green and black tile and put up wainscotting that he painted white.  He removed all the wall paper from the walls and the ceiling and painted that a dark blue.  He even painted the counter top so it looks like granite.  It was a lovely pink color.  Now if only we could have had time to do the floor and paint the cabinets.  We might do that later, but we are taking a break from remodeling projects for a while.  To see what it looked like before, click here.
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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Ty is a barber

I bet you didn't know that Ty could give haircuts.  Yup, last night he decided that his hair just wasn't short enough, so he gave himself a haircut.  I was furious when I discovered what he did.  We took him to the barber today and had them even it out a little bit. He still looks funny so I told him to just keep a hat on until it grows out. 

On another note: Deke has finally learned how to pedal!

He's fearless!  He wants to go to the top of this hill just like Ty. I only let him go half way up and he'll tear down it.  I just know we are in for a major fall soon.  I guess he'll learn to slow it down after that.

"Two more minutes"  I told him it was time to go in and he said that he wanted two more minutes.  This is what he says whenever he wants more time.  He really means he never wants to come in.
And they're off!  Deke is so proud that he can now ride this bike. I love how independent he is with it. He often stops it and has a hard time going again, but he doesn't want any help. He wants to be able to do it all by himself. 
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Monday, August 22, 2011

Bathroom remodel

Before Photos

In the Process Photos

Finally, we are remodeling the bathroom!  It's been a long time coming.  We've had that horrible teal and black tile in there since we bought the house.  A few of the tiles have fallen off during our time here and so it leaves a gaping hole.  It's always been an eyesore and an embarassment for us, but now that's all going to change. By the end of the week, we are hoping to have it done. I cannot wait to post the AFTER photos! 
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Saturday, August 13, 2011


Oh, That silly Dekester

This is what he wore to Ty's t-ball game and then he'd go up to people and say "Arrgghhh".  And yes, that would be people we didn't know.  One of these days, I'm going to get him back for all the embarrasing stuff he's pulled on me. Sigh.

Ty on first.
Ty loves T-ball.  He is such a jock.  I guess I need start figuring out when soccer is going to start because I know he wants to play that this fall and then we'll have basketball in the winter.  He wants to play every sport that comes his way.   He is so excited for football season this year. I let him pick the colors of his folders for school and he chose yellow and green.  One guess why.  That's right, those are Packer colors and he is a Packer fan.  Why? Because they're the best team ever.  Just ask him and he'll tell you all about it.  All you Packer fans out there should be proud.
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The Brick Brigade

Deke getting the bricks for us

Hard at work

The Brick Brigade

The boys were really such a huge help with this project.  Ty helped out with almost every aspect from the digging to the paver laying.  Joel started the digging on Weds and got about 1/2 of it dug out. On Thursday when the boys and I got home, Ty and I started digging again and took the 1/2 to 3/4 of the way dug out before Joel got home.  Joel then had the tough job of hauling bags of paver sand from the front yard to the back on Friday, but he did get some help from a neighbor.  Still a very hard job to do.  On Saturday we were able to start laying the pavers.  We would load up the bricks in the trailer and drive them around to the backyard.  From there, Deke was in charge of handing Ty and me the bricks and we would carry them to Joel, who would lay them down.  I was doing that job all by myself earlier that afternoon while the boys took a nap.  It was amazing how much faster it went, once they started helping.  They really surprised me and they actually stuck with it for quite a while too.  I think they helped us for about 1.5 to 2 hrs before they went back to playing.  Those bricks were not light either.  Each brick weighed 6lbs. I kept worrying that they were going to drop one of the bricks on their toes, but they never did. 

We are really enjoying our new patio.  Deke said the other night that it was a "bwetiful patio"  and I totally agree.  I think we've had dinner out there every night this week.  Now if we could only get rid of the mosquitos...

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Friday, August 12, 2011

Busy as a Bee

My two dogs.  They look so sweet when they are asleep.

Working on the patio.  Even Manny helped with this project. 

I love Deke's eyes. He looks like he is going to go ballastic on Ty

Shhh, I've got a secret. 

We have been super busy lately.  Joel finished the patio last weekend and it looks awesome. I'll post pictures soon.  Everybody chipped in on this project.  On Saturday, the boys were out there helping us haul bricks and suprisingly they were both a BIG help.  Usually, they would slow us down, but I swear, this time I felt like they were really helping and we flew through that particluar area. I have pictures of this that I plan on posting soon too. 
Ty got stung by a bee last night. I thought he had broken his leg the way he was caterwauling out there.  And then after I get him in and calmed down, we discover another bee that was very attracted to him. I knocked it off him and it went right back to him and started crawling on his shirt again.  I got it off him the second time and then squashed it.  Poor Ty was really freaked out by it and it took a good 5 minutes to get him calmed down.  

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Friday, August 5, 2011

My Boys

I love how close these two are.  Don't get me wrong, there are plenty of fights, but I believe that they fight so much because they play together so much.  I love watching what these two come up with.  Deke will follow Ty and play along, but only to a certain extent.  He definitely has his own mind and is not scared to stand up to big brother. 

The other day, they were both so incredibly good, I don't know what was up, but I would love more days like that.  When we got home, I started dinner and Ty was all about helping me out. He washed all the vegetables for me and set the whole table.   The really amazing part was how well the boys shared the stool we have in the kitchen.  There are usually a few squabbles over the stool, even though I'll go and grab the stool from the bathroom, they will argue over the kitchen stool, so I was steeling myself for the argument that I thought was sure to follow when Deke got on the stool after Ty got down to hand me some of the freshly washed veggies.  Ty turned around and politely asked Deke if he could have the stool back so he could finish washing the vegetables.  Deke replied: "Of course" and hopped right down.  When Ty got down to hand me more veggies, he told Deke he could get back on. This never happens.  I'm still wondering if they were trying to butter me up for something.  Then at the dinner table they were so polite. It reminded me of the Bear Family Politness Plan book where Brother and Sister decide to be Super Polite to each other so Mama Bear would get fed up with her plan.  "Deacon, Will you please pass the salt?"
"Of Course, Tyler!" 
LOL, Those two really crack me up.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The Grandparents--Say Cheese

Take 1: Can't see Nana's face, Papa and Deke look like they wish they were somewhere else
Take 2: Ty is picking his nose, Deke looks like he's going to cry and still can't see Nana's face
Take 3:  Finally we can see Nana's pretty face, but all the boys are looking elsewhere
Take 4:  We just give up :)  They all look like they are ready to kill me by this point.  This really was like take 10, but I spared all of you those shots.
Ty was really not happy with me and refused to smile for me.
We started the patio today!  I cannot wait to have a nice place to sit in the backyard.  Joel has it all measured out and leveled or squared or whatever it is you're supposed to do to start this thing off right.  We get the pavers, sand, and whatnot delivered tomorrow and then the hard work begins.  We're hoping to have it done by Sunday. 

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Monday, August 1, 2011

Texas Trip


These were from when we went to Texas back in late March.  I really miss the awesome Tex-Mex.  I've gotten on such a kick for the past two nights, we've had Mexican food.  Fajitas last night and tacos tonight.  Fortunately there is enough left over of the tacos, that I get it for lunch tomorrow! 

Thanks to the thunderstorms, Ty's t-ball game was cancelled.  He was so disappointed and upset that he didn't get to play tonight.