Wednesday, September 14, 2011

More Hiking Pics


More hiking pictures from our time in Banning. Ty is loving school. His favorite part is the Y.  :)
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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Hiking Pictures


I just love this park so much.  The boys really enjoyed the hiking as did I.  I love the Kettle River here.  It's a bit of drive, but just so pretty.

Today, Ty went to Heather's house since he didn't have school today.  Heather was nice enough to take him and Connor to the Feguson's Orchard and even bought him some apples to bring home with him.  Deke has throughly enjoyed the apples and has had three so far this afternoon.  Came home, made dinner and then Nikki came over to get some of our left over dirt from when we dug the patio up.  Joel helped her load that up.  I just watched them shovel.  I would have helped but we didn't have a third shovel.  I was really bummed. :)  Ty got to watch some Packer football and now it is time for bed.
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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Around the Campfire


Ty was mad at me in this one.  He looks pretty scary.

I made him laugh by showing him his scary photo above.
It is a tradition in my family to tell scary stories around the campfire.  I decided that it was time to introduce the boys to story time around the campfire, but I kept them not scary.  Or they thought they were going to be scared, but then the ending would be funny.  Ty's favorite was "The Bloody Finger".  You'll have to ask him to tell it to you sometime.  He absolutely loved it and just got the biggest kick out of the ending. 
The boys also enjoyed playing hide and seek when it got darker.  Poor Deacon is not very good at hiding, but Ty is pretty good at it.  Deke would never find him, if Ty wouldn't start laughing and give himself away.  Deke was hilarious as the seeker.  He'd look around a little bit and then say "I wonder where Twyer is?"  Then he'd say "I guess I find him later" or "I look for him in the morning"   This is what would set Ty to laughing and then Deke would find him. 

Our last night there got pretty cold.  It got down to 35 degrees that night.  I did not pack for it being this cold.  The boys had sweatshirts and pants and I had packed a pullover for Joel and myself, but I just was not expecting mid to high 30's.  We ended up all piled on our queen sized air mattress in between the two sleeping bags.  The boys were nice and toasty, but Joel and I were pretty chilly.  I so wished I could have gotten a picture of the four of us crammed on that bed.  It was pretty funny, although I don't think Joel, myself, or Ty got much sleep that night.  It didn't seem to phase Deacon too much.
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Monday, September 5, 2011

What Happens in Vegas...

This past week, I got to go to Vegas for one night. And yes, made the most of it. I was up for a full 24- hours. I left the house at 3 am and arrived in Vegas at 9:30am. I went straight to the tradeshow that I was supposed to be at and stayed there until 5:30. Then checked into my hotel and met the guys that I work with for dinner at 6:30. They were nice enough to buy my dinner and they got me free tickets to a show. One of the guys that worked for Fastenal was friends with the person doing the show. Greg London, voted the best act in Las Vegas last year. He does impersonations and it was a pretty good show. After the show, we got to have drinks with him and his back up dancer. Pretty exciting stuff and I felt super special. The DM down in Vegas offered to drive me down the strip which is where I got all these pictures from. I made it back to my room at 12:43am their time which would be 2:43am central time. I was wiped out, but for some reason had a hard time sleeping. Hmmm, I sense a pattern here. I was up every hour on the dot and then finally at 5:30 I just couldn't sleep anymore. So I got up and felt safe enough to actually walk the strip. Nothing very cool to see at that time in the morning unless you count joggers and homeless people as cool. Did the show for a second day, left Vegas at 3:30pm and made it back home in my bed at 1am. It was whirlwind trip. Lots of fun and I learned a ton, but I am so glad to be back home.
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