Thursday, July 29, 2010

Silly Tyler

What is it with shoes and my boys? At least Deacon picked out the guys shoes. Ty likes to put on my knee high boots which come up to his crotch and stomp around in those. I would be worried, but he pretends to be a cowboy so I'm not too concerned. As wonderful as Tyler can be, we have been dealing with a lot of pouting lately. He wants to be first with everything and if he doesn't get to be first, full-fledged pout is on. The other day, Deacon asked for water, as I went to get it for him, Tyler pushed past Deacon and said "me first." I gave it to Deke first since he asked for it first and this caused Tyler to walk off to his room to pout. At least it is not a temper tantrum, but still annoying. I ignored it. We had to go pick up Joel so I told him when it was time to leave as we were walking out the door, I was holding Deacon and he reached up his hand and "touched" Deacon. I totally knew the intent of that "touch". It wasn't hard enough to be classified as a hit, but I knew that was what he was wishing it could be so I put him in timeout. He got the message and got over his pout pretty fast.

I'm not sure what he got upset about the other day, but lately its the littlest things that make him mad. Anyway, when we got home, he went straight into the house, to his room and slammed the door shut. I've been doing my best to ignore these pouts and that seems to work. He gets over them faster and hey, I've had days where I'm in a bad mood and just want people to leave me alone and I've certainly been known to slam a door or two. I am fortunate that his pouts don't last long and generally he is my happy, go-lucky Tyler.

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Deke and Kaia

How cute are these two? We love the Loos clan and miss them so much. I wished they lived right next door again. It was great to see them last weekend and I can't wait until we get to see them again.
It's been busy, busy around here lately. Deacon has become quite the copycat and LOVES to do everything Tyler does. Fortunately right now, Ty doesn't seem to mind too much. Deacon looks up to his big brother and Tyler is an awesome big brother. The other day, Deacon wanted Tyler to put him to bed. It was really cute. Tyler says "ok" and takes Deacon to brush his teeth, then I hear them in the Deke's bed and Ty is "reading" stories to Deacon. Of course, when Ty came out, Deke started crying so I went in there and read one story to him which was enough for him to calm down and go to sleep. I love that these two get along so well with each other. I love seeing Deke try to do what Ty does. We are so blessed with these two boys. I got a wonderful compliment today from one of Ty's teachers. She said that she wished she had 10 Tyler's. One is more than enough for me, but I appreciate the sentiment. What makes that compliment even better is that she didn't tell me that, I heard it second-hand from another teacher. That's even better than hearing it first-hand :)
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Monday, July 26, 2010

PIllow Smash cont

I think he was attempting to save Kaia from the pillow that Mike threw but didn't quite make it in time. Kaia took it full in the face and came up laughing.
And here is Ty taking one in the face.
This was after the "pillow smash" and Ty is chanting "Pillow Smash. Pillow Smash." He did not want the fun to end. Deke was hopping up and down on the couch in time to Ty's chant.
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Pillow Smash

After everybody had left, Mike started a pillow fight that Ty has since dubbed Pillow Smash. They had a blast getting hit with pillows thrown by Mike. Every one of the kids loved it!
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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Deke's Party

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Deke's Birthday Party

We had Deke's birthday party today. It was so much fun and it was great to have our friends over to help us celebrate. We got him a Scooby Doo birthday cake and he was so excited to see it, he climbed right onto the table so he could closer to the cake.
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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Jakob's Party

Jakob turned 5 on Saturday. It's hard to believe that that much time has passed already. The boys were really excited for the birthday cake. Ty is licking his lips. I'm not sure if Deke actually ate any cake or just smeared it all over his face :) It was a super nice party and lots of fun.
Check out the Bradberg Blog for pictures of Ty's sleepover. Looks like Con and him had a lot of fun.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

"I shoulda been a cowboy"

Lately, Tyler loves to put my boots on and stomp around the house. He came out of his room the other day wearing one of my black boots, one of my brown boots, and his cowboy hat and said. "Hey Mom, I'm a cowboy!" He stomped all over the house after that pretending to be a cowboy. It was too cute and so funny!
Last night, he spent the night at Connor's. Sounds like he had a blast. His favorite part was roasting s'mores. I bet that was a sticky mess. Heather said that they stayed up till 10 talking in their bedroom about their stufffed animals and finally she had to seperate them. After Connor left the room to spend the night somewhere else, Ty was out like a light. A big thank you to the Bradberg family for having Ty over.
Deacon and I had fun at a park that afternoon. He did miss Tyler and kept asking for him. Joel and I then had a baybsitter over to watch Deacon and we went to a movie. We saw Inception and it was really good.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

More fun on the river

Here are a few more pictures of the boys playing in the river. It seemed like such a good idea before we started and I'm glad the boys had so much fun and yes I would do it again for them, but I am not a fan of the river. Being on the boat is great, but I really don't like stopping at the sand bar and having the kids get off. They were COVERED in sand and it was just gross.

Yesterday was Joel's birthday. The Bradberg's came over to help us celebrate. Check out Heather's blog for pictures. Today we took Ty our of school for lunch. Fastenal had the race car at headquarters so we took him by there first to check out a real race car. Then we took him to Taco Bell. For some reason, he has been wanting to go to Taco Bell. After we finished lunch, I asked him if he liked just spending time with Mom and Dad or if he wished Deacon was with us. He surprised me by saying that he wished Deacon was with us. I am so glad those two get along so well.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

4th of July cont.

At the fireworks show.

4th of July

It was a pretty fun and exciting weekend. We went to visit my brother and uncles in Illinois for the Fourth. We spent almost the whole weekend on the river. The boys had a blast playing with their cousin Destiny. She is such a beautiful little girl. I'm really hoping that we'll be able to take her with us to Texas when we go in November. My brother ended up in the ER on Sunday with a head injury. It's a good thing he's so hard headed. He was attempting to ski and the ski came up and whacked him in the head. He had to have 6-1/2 stitches.
Tyler and Deacon had a blast getting extremely filthy, eating a ton of junk, and staying up extremely late. They didn't get to bed until 11 both nights. Good thing they handle this stuff pretty well. It didn't seem to faze either one of them. I knew it wouldn't bother Ty as he's always handled changes to his schedule pretty well and we all know he needs less sleep than your normal 4 year old anyway. Deke suprised us all by handling it as well as he did. Destiny was used to getting a little more sleep than my two (at least she's used to sleeping later and my two are up at the butt crack of dawn and would wake her up as well) She was still pretty good as long as you didn't look at her wrong. I do so love my niece and I can't wait to spend more time with her. Her and the two boys played very well together. During the fireworks, she wanted Ty to hold her hand, but Ty wasn't listening. Deacon heard her though and got up off my lap to go sit next to her so he could hold her hand. It was too cute. This was Deacon's first firework show and he did very well. Never once seemed to be scared of the loud noises (even when somebody decided to honk the boat horn which was right next to us. That noise scared all the kids, but he never got upset.)