Sunday, November 29, 2009

My boys

Thank you, God, for these two incredible boys. I am so blessed in so many ways.
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Oh my! Deacon is growing up so fast! That little boy is just amazing with his abilities and his comprhension of things. He totally gets timeouts. (Yeah, finally punishment!) Of course, I think he likes it so I'm not sure how effective the timeouts are going to be. You tell him to go to timeout and he just marches right over to the wall and sits down. He will actually stay there until we tell him to get up. He doesn't like staying there very long and will start crying after about 30 seconds so he must not like it too much. I just can't believe that he actually understands what he's supposed to do.
He also loves to antagonize his brother. Tyler's pretty particular about his cars and he doesn't like sharing his "special" cars. Deacon doesn't really care about the cars, but he loves to mess with Tyler so when Ty's attention is diverted, he'll run over to where the cars are and grab one and then take off. You'll hear him giggling as he runs down the hall with one of Ty's cars clutched tightly in his little fist. Ty, of course, then goes screaming after him. I'm trying to teach Tyler that Deke will give it back to him, if he just waits until he stops running and then asks for it. 9 times out of 10 Deke will give it back with no problem, but if you try to pry it out of his hands, he immediatly goes into death grip mode and will not let it go unless you pull back each one of his fingers. There have been a few times, I've been in the kitchen and Deke will run in with one of Ty's cars. If I tell him to go give it back, he'll go give it back to Tyler and then come back in the kitchen clapping his hands so proud of himself. He can be such a stinker!
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Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

Just a few cute pics of the boys goofing around the house. Deke really loves Manny. He thinks that he is a riding toy. We don't let him ride on Manny, but I snapped a quick picture before I made him move. Fortunatly for us, Manny is very, very good with him and incredibly tolerant.
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It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

I put up the Christmas Tree today. Deacon immediatly went for all the balls on the tree. We kept having to move him away from the tree and tell him no. He ended up in timeout (the last picture). What was really cute though was that after that one time out, we could tell him to stop doing something or he'd be in timeout again, he'd walk right back to that wall and sit down until we told him to get up. This was when we just threatened it. I think he like dbeing in timeout. It was cracking me up though. I hope that everybody had a great Thanksgiving Day. Ours was pretty nice. We have a ton of leftovers if anybody wants some!
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Sunday, November 15, 2009


We're pretty sure that Deacon is going to be a lefty. He throws with his left hand and eats with his left hand the majority of the time. I hadn't really noticed it until yesterday when Joel pointed out that he was throwing with his left hand. Then I started thinking back to when he's had a color in his hand and it was always the left one. Then I started paying attention when he ate and sure enough, it was the left hand he favored. I'm not really sure why, but this kind of bothers me. I guess as a Mom, I just want things to be easy for him and I think (albeit wrongly) that it will be harder for him to be a lefty in a right-handed world. Joel thinks it'll be hard to teach him sports because Joel is right-handed and he'll have to switch it around for Deacon. We'll figure it out, I'm sure. There are plenty of lefty's in the world and they seem to manage just fine. My Aunt is left-handed and as she always said, "Lefty's are the only ones in their right mind."
One thing is sure, he's a very smart little boy. He figures things out so fast. I am so amazed at what he can do and I love him so very much!
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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Silly boys

Had to take these cute pics of them playing the tub. Deke wanted in the tub so bad while I was giving Ty a bath. Ty originally didn't want to share the bath, but finally relented. I think he was glad he did.
Today, Ty asked me to make him some cold cocoa (aka chocolate milk). He wanted to pretend it was his coffee. Then after I made his "coffee" he put his hand on his hip. He pointed it out to me and once I stepped back and really looked, it struck me that this is the EXACT same stance that Joel takes when he drinks his coffee. It was too funny. I think he looks just like Joel in these photos. It still makes me laugh.
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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween 2009

Jakob and Tyler.
Deke and Daddy
The three musketeers...oh, no, wait. that would be Elmo, Spiderman, and Curious George or otherwise known as Connor, Tyler, and Jakob
Trick or Treat! Connor: "Wait for me!"
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Joel and me

Are we cute or what?
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Halloween 2009

It's a Joel. No, It's Clark Kent. No, it's Superman!
The two boys, Spiderman and Tigger.
The whole Super Family...Superman, Wonderwoman, Spiderman, and (super) Tigger!
That's right, I am Wonderwoman and this year I actually got to wear the costume.
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Around the house

Yeah, that's right, I sit around and let the menfolk take care of housework.
Wanna play?
Beautiful Halle (future daughter-in-law:)

Another reader!
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