Sunday, February 28, 2010

Future NBA?

Probably not, but he loves balls as much as Ty does. Joel and I think we'll have a lot of sports in our future. I can just see these two as Deke gets older in our backyard in the summer playing touch football (okay, who am I kidding, you know it will be all out flying tackles. Bloody noses and broken arms are also in my future.) Or playing a game of baseball. Deke is already learning how to pitch for Ty.

Another beautiful day. The boys and I took a walk to the library this afternoon. I am enjoying these warmer days.

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I love these two boys! They are so much fun and keep my going when the going gets tough.
I had two of my six cavaties filled today and I can tell you that I am going to be flossing every day as I never want to experience this again. It still gives me the chills when I remember that needle. Towards the end, I started to try to go to my happy place which is a beach with a big bright sun. That awesome light they shine in your face really helps with this imagining. And I decided that the reason my mouth was open so wide is that I was guzzling a Corona. Next time, I should guzzle a few Cornoas before I go in and that may help with the anxiety. Seriously, laughing gas should just be part of the procedure. Next appointment is in two weeks and then hopefully I'll never experience this again.
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Con and Ty

Ty's a bit of a crazy driver, but I think Con had fun. These two are so much trouble. So much imagination and so much energy. You never know what you're going to get!

I had plans to meet up with Kari this afternoon, but I had to cancel. Turns out Ty got in trouble at school today. I don't take that lightly and he's been told before that if he gets in trouble at school, he's in trouble at home. The teacher did say it was very rare for him to misbehave and I want to keep it that way. Plus, I think they're method of punishment leaves a lot to be desired. When the kid is in trouble, he gets a special bin with a toy that he plays with by himself. Does that sound like punishment? I don't think so. I'm thinking of telling them if my child misbehaves, put his butt in timeout. He doesn't deserve special treatment if he's not obeying the rules.

On another note, I'm thinking of starting a garden in the backyard. Anybody want to help or have advice on what I should plant?
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Daddy giving Ty a push.
Deke playing in the tunnel. He wasn't such a fan of the sledding.
But, he didn't mind having Daddy pulling him around.

Isn't Joel just an awesome Daddy?! So much fun. Enjoy it while it lasts because SPRING is coming!

I had the pleasure of staying home with the boys today. Deke had pink eye. At least we think it might be pink eye. I thought for sure it was yesterday afternoon. It was really gunky and runny. I took him to Urgent Care and she didn't pull the lid down or really look at the eye beyond what everybody could see. She prescribed some antibodies for him anyway and said to keep him home today. We didn't get the medicine until after he was in bed, so he didn't get the first dose until this morning. By this morning the eye looked fine. It never did look pink. Kept him home anyway as a precaution and plus I really enjoyed being home with them. I had lunch ready for Joel when he got home and in general did all the things I miss out on during the day. It was another beautiful day and I took the boys for a walk this afternoon. It was the only thing that made Deke happy. He was super fussy after his nap.

I did have a webex this morning and I thought I could just get on and be a spectator, but the person who set it all up, didn't cancel it and didn't show up for it. So I was the only one representing Fastenal. Not a good situation since Deacon was very unhappy and as soon as I unmuted the phone to talk to the poor guy, both dogs start going crazy and barking at someone walking on the road. I finally went and locked myself in the bathroom so I could finish the freaking conversation. Deacon was standing outside the door, beating on it and crying. Lovely. I'm sure I made a great impression.

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Jakob going down the hill.
Ty going down the hill

We decided to take the boys sledding on Saturday. It was such a beautiful day. Ty really wanted his friend Jakob to come along and Jakob's parents were nice enough to let us take him. The boys had a lot of fun going down the hill and then playing on the playground.

I had a dentist appointment today. I made it 32 years without cavities, but my streak is over. I have 6 cavities that have to be filled. I'm super scared of the needle and really wish that I had some Xanax (?)to take before I have to go get them filled.

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Ty in the snow

We had such a beautiful day this past Friday. Ty got to play outside for close to an hour and I had a hard time getting him to come in. He had fun throwing snow balls for Manny to catch. Check out the Bradberg blog for some really sweet photos from our Dells trip.
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Deke in the Snow

I didn't let Deke stay out as long as Tyler. He got maybe 30 minutes outside. We were out in front with Ty for about 15 minutes throwing snowballs for Manny and then I took Deke inside and sent Ty to the backyard. After Deke got through with his afternoon snack, he wanted to go back outside. He really didn't want to come back in and threw quite a fit about it.
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A little snow is not going to stop us.

What fun it is to play in the snow. I really cannot wait for it to all melt and for the warm days of summer to get here! These were from last Friday evening. Today wasn't quite as beautiful. It started out sunny, but by the time that Deke woke up from his nap, it was overcast. The snow is slowly starting to melt though and we're seeing more and more of the lawn. I'm so excited for spring to get here!
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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Our little Basketball Star

We have such an athlete in Ty. I can't believe that he can actually make baskets at his age, especially considering that he is on the small side.
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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Play Ball!

I know I'm going to wind up with something broken one day soon. It's a good thing I don't have anything valuable. Deke's learning how to pitch to Ty and I don't think it'll be too much longer when they'll be able to play this all by themselves. That's Ty at the end of the hall with a "bat".

I got Ty signed up for soccer today at the Y. He really enjoyed it last year and wanted to do it again this year. We'll be freezing when it comes time. It starts at the end of March and its still cold here. The tough part will be keeping Deke off the field. He loves balls as much as Ty does and he gets upset when he can't play. Another two years though before he can be signed up to play soccer as well.

Beautiful day here today. It was sunny and fairly warm. The boys enjoyed being able to play outside.

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Walking in a Winter Wonderland

This past weekend, it was actually fairly warm. A whopping 30 degrees so Joel and I decided to take the boys for a walk around the lake. We were hoping it would burn some energy. I forgot Deke's snowpants at the daycare so we put some pj bottoms underneath his pants to act as thermal underwear and off we went. Of course, Deke would have to slip on some ice and fall in a wet, cold puddle so that cut the walk short. I think we were out for maybe 5 minutes before we had to load back up and get Deke home. We didn't have far to go fortunately and he was mighty upset that he couldn't walk anymore.

Took the dogs to the vet today. Walked out with an obscene bill. Two dogs are super expensive. I love our vet, though and he's recommending that we get Java's teeth cleaned and he has at least four teeth that will have to be pulled. Estimate for that little procedure will be close to $300. I think the dogs going to have to wait.

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Leggo my Lego

The boys had fun building lego towers and then watching them fall. Ty had a Doctor's appt today and he was declared very healthy. He's on the small side, but no concerns there. The doctor said he probably wouldn't play football, but that's not a bad thing since there are so many injuries in that sport. We'll see. I hate making predictions this early. My brother somehow managed to hit 6'1 and there is no one in our family that tall. Not that I care if he plays football or any sport for that matter. Although with Ty, I'm sure sports are in our future. Maybe not football, but baseball and soccer appear to be on the horizon.
I took Ty to Target after the appointment. He got a giftcard from his Uncle George and he used it buy a Transformer: Optimus Prime.
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