Saturday, June 27, 2009

Old School

How cool do I look? These are 8th grade photos that my friend Amber took. The top one is our 8th grade prom. No, we didn't go to the prom, we just had one with just the two of us at her house. We were too cool for the real thing :) The bottom one was us exploring the ranch she lived on. We got chased up a tree by a bunch of cows and the tree had ants in it. Don't know why the cows chased us, but I swear they did.


He's getting to be such a big boy. He turns one in a month! He gives the absolute best hugs and the sloppiest kisses ever! A whole cheek full of slobber is what you get and its the most precious thing to me.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Big Freaking Hole

We came home to lunch with our front lawn completely destroyed. Dirt was everywhere and in the middle of the lawn (that Joel mowed yesterday) was a big freaking hole. We're getting hooked up to city sewer this summer sometime and this is just the beginning. Apparently we'll have a matching hole in the backyard before all is said and done. Too bad Ty missed this one. He would have loved watching this.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Steamboat Days

Ty waving from the caboose

Deke and Daddy

Mommy and Ty on the Monkey Mahem ride...never again. Round and round rides make me sick :(

Go Gator!

Connor and Ty on the race cars.

Connor and Ty on the train

Ty is fearless when it comes to riding the rides. He rode every one that he could.

I love this picture!

Tyler, Mason, and Ethan playing at the park after the Kiddie parade

Tyler, Deacon, and Mason at the Kiddie parade

Deke and Ty on our way to the Kiddie parade.

What a busy and fun-filled weekend we had. On Friday, we had the Kiddie parade down at the lake. Ty and Deke seemed to really enjoy it. That afternoon, Ty and I went to Steamboat days and had fun riding all the rides. He was so fearless when it came to riding them. We did the bumper cars together and had so much fun. He then rode a lot of the kiddie rides that I couldn't fit my butt into by himself. Later that evening, Deacon, Joel, Heather, John, and Connor joined us. Another one of his friends from the daycare, Liliana joined us as well for a few rides. Connor and Tyler had so much fun. Riding the rides with a buddy is way better than riding by yourself. Some of my teens also joined up with us and one of them talked me into getting on the Zippo...never again will I do that! Saturday, we had the youth car wash fundraiser and Tyler came and "helped" with that. He loved getting sprayed with the waterhose. Connor also showed up there and they had so much fun "washing" the Bradberg's jeep. Check out the Bradberg Blog for more fun photos of the weekend!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Boys will be boys...

These two love to wrestle and usually its my younger one that I'm pulling off the older one. Deke loves to tackle Tyler and he just keeps making a beeline for him whenever he sees him on the floor. Tyler's been pretty good about not getting too upset about it. He doesn't push or hit Deke, he just lets us know that we need to take him off. There are rare times where he'll actually welcome the wrestling match and then he's so super gentle with Deke. He makes an awesome big brother!