Monday, April 27, 2009

The Beach

We took Ty to the beach while we were down in Texas. It wasn't exactly the best day for the beach. The Texans were freezing and all covered up in blankets and Tyler and Joel were playing in the water. The water was very warm, but it was windy that day so as soon as Tyler stopped playing in it, he got a little cold, but we put him in warm, dry clothes quickly. He is still asking us to take him back to the beach. I wished it would have been a little nicer so we could have spent more time there. I can't wait to take him back and let him build sand castles!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Nacogdoches, TX

Stephen F. Austin (like you wouldn't know that :')

The red brick streets of the square

The Brick House Inn (highly recommended place to stay!)

Who's that hottie?

Joel and I took a night for just the two of us and went back to our old alma mater, Stephen F. Austin State University. My best friend from college, Meredith, is originally from Nac. Her parents bought a bed and breakfast there and we stayed with them. It was great to visit them again and the house they bought is the oldest brick house in the oldest town in Texas. They still have red brick streets on the square. Unfortunatly it was raining most of the time, but it was still so much fun to be sans kids. Notice there is not one picture of the kids. I can't believe it and we actually got some of just the two of us! We had some incredible food here and Anne Norton, the owner of the B&B is a gourmet cook who made the best Orange Pecan French Toast for breakfast. I really do miss the food of Texas, but I'm very glad to be around such wonderful people up here in the Midwest!

The Ft. Worth Zoo

Grammy and I took Ty to the Ft. Worth Zoo. Poor little Deke wasn't feeling good that day so he had to stay home with Daddy. The Zoo was very, very nice. Ty's favorite animal was the crocodile. It had its mouth open so you could see all of its really scary teeth. He also had fun playing with the chimps. In the bird house, he got to feed some of the birds. We also got to see a Texas Longhorn. You don't get to see those up here. They had a whole area dedicated to the animals of Texas.

Playing with the Grandparents

The boys had a lot of fun getting spoiled rotten by their grandparents!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Fairfield State Park

We took Ty for a hike in Fairfield State Park which is about 30 minutes from my parents. We came out on Fairfield Lake which is covered in clam shells. Tyler loved throwing them back in the water.

On the Road Again...

Traveling with two children and two dogs was not as bad as I expected. The kids did really well on the trip. Tyler was exceptional. I would travel anywhere with him. Deke had a few bad moments, but overall not as bad as I expected. Joel thought he would be smart and create a barrier to keep the dogs in the very back of the van. As you can tell, that didn't work out. Before we even made it to Hwy 90 Java was in the backseat with the boys and when we stopped in Albert Lea to get dinner, I looked down and saw Manny on the floorboard in the backseat. Joel attempted it again for the trip back to Minnesota and yet again, both dogs were in the front seat before we knew it. It was a losing battle so we decided not to fight it. Tyler loved to make the big trucks honk and everytime we passed them, we would start moving our arms up and down in the honk signal. Most of them obliged us and gave us some great honks which made Tyler's day.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Deep in the Heart of Texas

Ty at the Beach
Joel and Ty bird watching. My mom has birdfeeders everywhere and there were some pretty redbirds and bluejays

Ty and I at the Ft Worth Zoo on the train
Ty with the whole family playing soccer.
Ty on his Easter Egg Hunt
Deke with the Bluebonnets
Love that smile!

Ty with the Bluebonnets

Our Texas Trip is so much fun! The boys did really, really well on the car trip down. We only had one bad fussy moment from Deke and that only lasted about 30 minutes. He had a hard time getting comfortable enough to fall asleep. Tyler did way better than I ever expected him to. They've been having a blast running around outside and playing ball. Deke likes the flowers. The wildflowers down here are amazing. They have the bluebonnents (which is the TX state flower) and the Indian paintbrushes in blossom everywhere. You look out in a field and all you see is a field of blue and red. When we got into Oklahoma, the sun was coming up and the both boys woke up about that time. I was all excited to see leaves on the trees and Tyler piped up from the back seat. "You know what else is cool..the grass is green" He has been cracking us up this whole trip and really entertaining the grandparents. Grammy and I took him to the Fort Worth Zoo on Tuesday and on Weds we went to the beach with Joel's family. Joel's mom was covered up in a blanket at the beach and as you can see Tyler wasn't cold at all. He was splashing around and having an excellent time in the water. It was windy that day so if you got out of the water,you'd probably be cold, but other than that I didn't find it cold at all.

Easter was great. Joel's parents came up to my folks and we had a big Easter Egg hunt with just Ty hunting the eggs. He then managed to talk everybody into playing soccer with him. He can be quite convincing when he wants to be. Tonight Joel and I are off by ourselves for a romantic night in Nacogdoches where we went to school. I've got to go so I can get ready for dinner. I miss all my Minnesota friends and can't wait to get back home to see all ya'll again!