Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Ty as an astronaut

The Kid's Play Space. Really cool and the kids did not want to leave this area.

Super cool screen.  Everytime you touched it sparks would fly.  You could touch one of the spaceships and you'd get information on a space flight.

It was super cool to be able to take the kids to NASA.  They had so much fun. They really enjoyed the play space.  It looked so cool, I really wanted to go play too.  I probably would have met the height requirements. 

We've had some health issues in our house.  Ty woke up Sunday not able to walk on one leg.  He sent Deacon in to get us so he could get out of bed.  I took him to Urgent Care where they did x-rays, took blood and told us that it's not broken, but they don't know what's going on with it.  We made an appt to see a Pedatric Orthopedic Suregon at Gunderson on Tuesday.  Went through the same thing, x-rays, blood (a lot more this time and a lot more traumatic for my little guy).  His doctor thinks it is a viral infection  of his left hip called transit synovis (sp) which is somewhat common for boys his age and the symptoms seem to follow what we experienced.  He is now limping around on it and at least today we've seen a lot more dramatic improvement.  It's been harder to keep him in quiet play and I am so grateful for that.  We go back next Tuesday for a follow up appt.  We are praying that this is all it is.  If it is a viral infection then it will go away in a week or two. 

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